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Cinchoo – Bulk Files & Folders rename utility


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This tool helps to rename bulk files and folders recursively. It was written in using WPF/C#/VS.NET 2010.


  • Bulk file and folders rename matching either wildcard or regular expression patterns
  • Runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2k/2k3/2k8/XP/Vista/7

How to use

  • Click ‘Start’ whenever you are ready to rename files. Any time you can can start this process.
  • Type a full path of the file or folder in ‘Choose a File / Folder’ text box, then click ‘Add’ button to add it to ‘File(s) / Folder(s)’ list box. Or you can click ‘Browse’ button, to choose the file/folder for rename.
  • At any time, you can select an item in ‘File(s) / Folder(s)’ list box, remove it using ‘Remove’ button.
  • In ‘Find/Replace’ text boxes, you can specify either the wildcard or regular expression to identify files and folders for rename. (Please visit Regular Expression Cheat Sheet for help in creating regular expression)
  • Check ‘Match Files’ or ‘Match Folders’ check boxes, in order to include them for rename process respectively.
  • Check ‘Preview Mode’ option, if you just want to see the files and folders are renamed in the ‘Status’ box or in the log file under ‘Logs’ folder. This option will not rename the files or folder names.
  • Check ‘Include Sub Dir’ option, to include all sub directories for rename process.
  • In ‘Status’ box, you can view the statues of the file renames.
  • Click ‘Clear’ button anytime to clear the ‘Status’ box.


  • You can drag and drop file(s) or folder(s) to this tool for easy cleanup process.

Cinchoo – Hierarchical INI sections, Part 9

In this section, I’ll talk about another important feature Cinchoo framework provides in reading INI file is that the support of  Hierarchical INI sections. It gives the flexibility of organizing the INI sections in hierarchical way. An INI section can have another INI subsection in it. Here is how you can do it using Cinchoo framework,

;This is a test nested INI file.
;To test its functionality.


CORP1=JP Morgan Chase
COPR2=Morgan Stantley


In the above sample INI file, the Hierarchical sections are given with ‘/’ separator. ‘CORPORATIONS’ section contains ‘FINANCE’ and ‘TECHNOLOGY’ subsections. There are couple ways, we can access them programmatically

using (ChoIniDocument iniDocument = ChoIniDocument.Load(@"C:\Temp\NestedIniSection.ini"))