Cinchoo – Configuration framework, part 26

Using ChoFireBirdADODictionaryConfigStorage


This article is outdated. Please visit the below codeproject article for more updated information on this storage plug-ins

Cinchoo – Using FireBird database as configuration source

Using FireBird database as configuration store using Cinchoo framework made easy with this storage plug-in. Using ChoFireBirdADODictionaryConfigStorage, you can read and store application configuration information easily. It is based on ChoDictionaryAdapterConfigurationSection pattern and uses ADO.NET as the database access medium. You can take this one as an example and implement various plug-ins targeting various other databases. Here is how you can use this storage

  • Download and install FireBird Db from here.
  • Create a table using the below Sql. I designed this table in such a way you can use them for multiple applications. Thats why I set the ‘AppName’ as primary key.
CREATE TABLE application_settings
 Path varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
 OS varchar(50) DEFAULT NULL,
 SingleInstanceApp int DEFAULT NULL,
 LastUpdateTimeStamp timestamp NOT NULL,
 AppName varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  • Create a VS project and add reference to ChoFireBirdADODictionaryConfigStorage.dll
  • Define the configuration section object decorated with ChoDictionaryAdapterConfigurationSectionAttribute as below.
public class ApplicationSettings : ChoConfigurableObject
    [ChoPropertyInfo("path", DefaultValue = "C:\")]
    public string Path;

    [ChoPropertyInfo("OS", DefaultValue = "Windows")]
    public string OS;

    [ChoPropertyInfo("singleInstanceApp", DefaultValue = false)]
    public bool SingleInstanceApp;

2. Now instantiate and use it as below

static void Main(string[] args)
    ApplicationSettings applicationSettings = new ApplicationSettings();


    applicationSettings.OS = "Microsoft";


The configuration section will be generated automatically for the first time in [appExeName].xml as below

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <sectionGroup name="fireBirdDictionarySectionHandlerTest">
      <section name="applicationSettings" type="Cinchoo.Core.Configuration.ChoDictionarySectionHandler, Cinchoo.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b7dacd80ff3e33de" />
    <applicationSettings cinchoo:configObjectAdapterType="Cinchoo.Core.Configuration.ChoFireBirdADODictionaryConfigObjectAdapter, ChoFireBirdADODictionarySectionHandler, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" xmlns:cinchoo="">
      <cinchoo:configObjectAdapterParams xmlns:cinchoo=""><![CDATA[CONNECTION_STRING='User=SYSDBA;Password=masterkey;Database=C:\Users\raj\AppData\Local\Temp\Sample.fdb;DataSource=localhost';
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